Are you getting the results you want from Social Media?

I truly believe that good social media images are key to the success of any Social Media strategy. We live in a very busy world where everything moves so quickly that if you don’t stop people in their tracks and catch their attention then you might as well not exist.

As Gary advises “Make it simple, make it memorable. Make it for your customer, not for yourself. Be generous. Be informative. Be funny. Be inspiring. Be all the characteristics we enjoy in other human beings.” Gary Vaynerchuk

So as Pet Business Owners we are in such a fortunate position that we have the perfect material to promote our business. Who doesn’t love cute pets pics!

Unfortunately business owners are not taking advantage of this great material and I still see badly designed, poor quality images which do nothing for your brand or your business.

I know not every business has time to make images for their social media. Nor do they want to.

This is where I can help! I can provide you with images that are proven to work in YOUR industry!

All you have to do is order the images and provide me with your logo. Within 2-4 days you will have a shiny new set of pictures to start working with in your business.

Hear What Others Have To Say!

But who I am? Well my name is Kate and I run a very successful Pet Sitting business in Ireland which I have built using a very strong Content Marketing strategy.

I have built a Facebook Page of over 31,000 followers and a website that attracts 15,000 visitors per month using images just like the ones that you are going to be using.

It’s all about engagement and creating a community that loves you and wants to share you content with their friends and family.

So What Will the Images You Order Look Like?

Social Media Images

How Do I Know They Will Work?

The proof is in the Like, Comments and Shares. Start engaging with these potential customers and you will see your engagement rates increase over time.

Note – these are screenshots from images posted own facebook page

Social Media Images

Hear From Those Who Already Purchased!

Testimonial !Heather Testimonial

My FREE Gift To You!

I know that if I just give you these images and don’t help you use them correctly then you will not have the same success that I have with them. Social Media is all about being social and so just throwing up image after image will not do anything for you. Trust me!!

You need to carefully craft status updates to go along with them. Ones that drive engagement and encourage your fans to talk to you. In fact, the correct social media status updates mean they won’t be able to help themselves.

As Jay Baer says:

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social!” Jay Baer

You need to pick times to post them and make sure you are using them when your fans are online and have time to engage with you. This is what your job is!

That is why I will be including my cheat sheet to using these images, which will give you tips and tricks to get the most from them. I can’t say fairer than that!!

Order NOW!

Start with one set or order them all, it really depends on how quickly you want to start seeing results.

Each set consists of a number of images for use on Facebook or Twitter to promote your Pet Business.

All images are fully licensed for commercial use and will be branded with your own logo.

Simple select the type of images you want to purchase and click ADD TO CART. Once you are happy with your selection click CHECKOUT

You will then receive instructions of where to send your logo so that your images can be customised to your business.


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 Not Sure? Here’s Some Social Proof!

Here are some stats (number of likes and comments) from the last few days of the images I posted on my own page.Image Stats

Note – Images are not unique to each company. They will be branded with your logo, but are available for purchase by another company. If you want a unique set of images then please contact me for pricing.

Disclaimer – There is no guarantee that you will achieve exactly the same results as outlined in this post. Results will vary based on how you built your social media following, the effort you put into your social media, and what other posts and resources you use at the same as posting these images. This is not a quick fix! It should be used as part of an overall social media strategy.